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The Bracebridge Senior Citizens Centennial Club was incorporated in 1975 and is a registered charity.  The Bracebridge Centre for Active Living is owned and operated by the members and supported through modest fees from events, sale of products, the generous donations from Bracebridge citizens and a supporting grant from the Town of Bracebridge.

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Memberships are made available to all citizens from 45 years of age and up, for a modest fee.  Associate members are those under the age of 45, welcome to join us and join in the fun, however do not have voting rights. 


Our summer residents are also encouraged to join in for summer fun.


2024 membership fee $30.00 

WiFi available throughout the building.

Our Logo

Our logo is a representation of the Centre's long standing service in our community.

  • Serving the Community since 1975

  • Heart represents the giving and sharing heart of our organization

  • The Clasped Hands indicate friendship and the different colours represent inclusiveness

  • The Radiating Lines show our outreach to our community.

A History of The Centre

This Centre was built by an exceptional group of volunteers, giving of their time and energy to make the Club a success.

In 1968, it was the mandate of the club organizers to prove there was a legitimate need for a Senior Citizens support group and gather the numbers to warrant establishment of a Club.  

In May 1968 an executive was formed and the group met in the United Church. Seniors Citizens Club 315 was a fact. In 1970 the Club started using the name "Senior Citizens Centennial Club" and incorporated as a charitable organization.  

We are to this day incorporated using the same name. 


In 1974 the Club officially opened their new drop in Centre at 75 Manitoba Street. It was fondly known as "Half way up the Hill".  In 1975 Lionel Davis launched an ambitious program which resulted in the facility that exists today.  On December 8, 1983 the Armstrong property on Dominion Street came up for sale and it was unanimously voted that an offer of purchase be made.  The Armstrong property (which was a privately owned nursing home) was purchased for the sum of $64,000.00.  Club membership was strong in commitment and numbers which helped raise funds, along with the cooperation of community groups, business and municipal organizations and participating Provincial agencies, which offered their guidance.  

The official sod turning to commence construction of the Centre was held at 1:30 pm September 6, 1984. A special open house was held at "Half way up the Hill" following the event in which dignitaries and special guests enjoyed a social get together with the Club membership. 

By September 13th, the basements for the new meeting place had been dug and the foundation was being prepared. On "October 11th 1985 a work party of volunteers was pulled into active service to begin the physical task of nailing together the soon to be Bracebridge Senior Citizens Centre.  A lunch committee was formed to provide volunteer workers with food and beverages. This was a clear example to an intricate support system that began to network itself through membership volunteerism and within the town itself.  The official opening was held Friday June 21st 1985.  

In 1986, due to the well equipped new Centre, membership rose to 438 patrons. This showed that the effort was clearly worthwhile. The Centre has continued to exist through the 90's and into the 21st century.

In 2016 the Centre rebranded with the name "The Bracebridge Senior Citizens Club" becoming the governing body and "The Bracebridge Centre for Active Living" becoming the new name for the Centre itself.  

There is a photographic history of the Centre's construction kept in our library.

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